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It’s the day before the 2020 presidential election and I hope a “blue wave” sweeps the Republicans from the White House and Congress.

I don’t think the Democrats are perfect. I think control of the the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate by the same party leads to a spree of unnecessary spending and bad laws (especially with fanatics like AOC on the left). Joe Biden has his flaws, but at least he seems to be a functioning, empathetic human being, which is better than the Talbot Yancy that’s the front man for this current khakistocracy.

I can understand someone voting for Trump in 2016. He was an unknown, a non-politician, a businessman who said he could get things done and, if you overlooked his vulgar, foul-mouthed behavior, you might have thought he’d do better than the career politicians. …


Bill Maya

I'm an accomplished generalist who's always in beta.

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